LOE's  Anti Dazzle Glasses and Visor Strips use a proprietary laser filter that protects at the  445nm (blue) and 532nm (green) wavelengths commonly used in laser pointers. At these wavelengths, the filter stops 99.9% of the laser energy.

OD scale is a log10 base so you can see from the curve you are looking for a 0.1% transmission as the basis for a CAST requirement of an OD of 3. We developed this film for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in conjunction with the UK Home Office/CAST. The lasers of concern were the hand held pointers at 445nm and 532nm and the film provides OD 3 protection at these wavelengths. 
You will see from the plot that the curve shows the level of protection at 0.1% - which in practice means a 1W hand held laser will be below the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) level set by the ICNIRP/IEC safety standards

Our safety glasses are all CE marked, and approved to EN166:2001 and ANSI Z87
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