Visor Strips

Visor Strips

Visor strips are intended for use with helmet visors, for instance in law enforcement or for helicopter pilots. Fitted to the visor, the strip can be deployed easily by simply and quickly dropping the sight line of the visor when required - the rest of the field of vision is unimpaired.

Each officer needs to fit the visor with the helmet in place and correctly adjusted so that the eye point of the filter is at the correct individual position. The size of the filter has been optimised so that minimum filtered obscuration of the face guard occurs.

Strips are supplied with a cleaning swab to use on the helmet visor and an instruction leaflet that provides guidance as to how the strip needs to be fitted by each officer to their own helmet.

Our unique solution maintains full usability of the helmet and unlike goggles does not cause ambient light level loss or colour impairment, can be used at night and do not steam up. 

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